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Personalized Professional Healthcare - at Home

Who hires Allegiance Nursing?
Just about anyone who wishes to receive personalized, professional care while
recuperating from an illness, learning to
live with a disability, or experiencing the
normal conditions of the aging process.

Why should I hire Allegiance Nursing?
Allegiance Nursing eases many of the physical and mental burdens faced by families. It
enables clients to remain in their choice of residence. Home health care also encourages clients to be as independent as possible.
Perhaps most important, we bring comfort
and peace of mind to clients and their
families - because someone who truly cares
is attending to them or their loved ones.

I know a nurse who could probably do
a good job. Why should I use Allegiance
Nursing instead?
Allegiance Nursing covers all of their
employees with workman's compensation
and liability insurance. Because Allegiance
Nursing employs so many professionals, we
can meet even the most challenging needs
of our clients - day or night.

Health care providers seem to get
larger and more impersonal every day.
How can I get private-duty home health care that's tailored to my needs?
One good way is to work with a locally
owned and operated agency, and Allegiance

Nursing is exactly that! We believe that
"bigger" isn't necessarily "better"…
especially in the health care field.

How can I be certain that a private duty home health care agency will provide me with qualified personnel?
ASK! Allegiance Nursing will always be happy
to discuss staff qualifications with you. Allegiance Nursing is owned and operated
by a Registered Nurse with over 30 years
of experience in home health care; our dedicated employees have been thoroughly tested for competence in their fields.

I'd like to use Allegiance Nursing's services. What do I do next?
First, call our office. One of our experienced RN managers will ask some basic questions about your particular health care needs, and arrange an in-home meeting if you desire. During that meeting, you will discuss available services and fees, and the level of care required; together, you will develop a detailed care plan.

What if I must go to a hospital? Can my private duty nurse come with me?
Absolutely. Many clients choose this option when entering a hospital. It is an effective
way to guarantee personalized attention
for yourself or a loved one.

A Caring Blend of Compassion and Skill

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