Allegiance Nursing Lehigh Valley's personalized professional healthcare - at home
A Caring Blend of Compassion and Skill
Allegiance Nursing was created with the goal of bringing
an unparalleled blend of compassion and care to our

To do so… We pledged to follow our vision of exceptional
service. That vision includes addressing every client’s
specific needs with the highest level of detail-oriented
assistance. We promote unrestricted communication -
among our employees, our clients, and ourselves -
to support us as we strive to exceed every client’s

We pledged ourselves to be a source of superior
home health care… for short terms or long terms. Our employees share our dedication to our clients, and exhibit the utmost level of professionalism in every situation.

We pledged ourselves to always be quickly and easily
accessible for each and every one of our clients. A Client
Service Representative is always available - even after
business hours and on weekends. A supervising
Registered Nurse is always available to discuss any
questions you might have about medical issues.

We pledged ourselves to approach every life we touch -
those of our clients, their families and our employees -
with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Above all, we pledge our Allegiance to you.

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