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Allegiance Nursing Home Health Services Assessment

Oftentimes, we hear clients say they know they need help, but they have no idea how much. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are managing your health or the health of a loved one on your own. Allegiance Nursing aims to alleviate some of the stress and burden by being a constant level of support throughout the aging process.

Before we ever recommend our services to a client, we like to meet them through a complimentary risk-free Home Health Care Assessment.

What to Expect from a Home Health Services Assessment Allegiance Nursing begins each customized care plan by conducting a thorough home health care evaluation. This free evaluation is designed to help our team get a better understanding of the type and level of care that you will require. It is our goal to ensure all your medical needs are met and attended to, while also addressing any other personal needs you may want additional support with, as well.

To offer peace of mind and an educated perspective, Allegiance Nursing permits only Registered Nurses to conduct these interviews and we warmly encourage your family to be a part of the process. We believe that big decisions, such as home health services, require a joint discussion from key family members. Plus, talking to family members allows us to get a better idea of needs in terms of overall lifestyle and medical conditions. We want to ensure we are facilitating our clients to the highest possible degree of independence, while also providing a safe and supportive environment.

During the home health services assessment, we'll address the many aspects of daily living with which Allegiance can help with, including:

Nutrition (meal planning and preparation)
Home maintenance needs
Possible safety concerns (door locks, furniture,
home safety equipment, carpeting)
Companion animals (feeding, exercising)
Housekeeping requirements (cleaning, laundry)
Proper medication routines (dosage, timing)
Establising emergency plans (what to do,
who to call)
Physical exercise (walking, stretching)
Social needs (visiting relatives, attending
religious services)
Miscellaneous activities (groceries, hair care)

In addition, your input helps us to assign a caregiver
who possesses the proper medical knowledge and a
compatible personality.

Allegiance Nursing is among the very few agencies
in the Lehigh Valley that provide this level of medical attention and knowledge at the outset. After the assessment, you can expect that our Registered Nurses will use their expertise and field experience to develop a customized program that blends the right services to support you or your loved one in a way that feels comfortable, helpful and most of all, unique to you.

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