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Performed only by Registered Nurses

Allegiance Nursing begins each care plan by conducting a thorough home health care evaluation at absolutely no charge to you. To ensure that your needs are met… and that your medical concerns receive proper attention… Allegiance Nursing permits only Registered Nurses to conduct these interviews.
Allegiance Nursing is among the very few agencies in the Lehigh Valley that provides this level of medical attention and knowledge at the outset.
We warmly encourage all family members, and other responsible parties, to attend the evaluation, and to provide as much information as they can.
Allegiance nursing strives to make the family an integral part of the decision-making process. We've found that it's the best way to fully understand your loved one's needs - in terms of lifestyle and medical conditions - to facilitate the highest possible degree of independence, while maintaining a safe environment.
During the assessment, we'll address the many aspects of daily living with which Allegiance can help, including:

Nutrition (meal planning and preparation)
Home maintenance needs
Possible safety concerns (door locks, furniture,
home safety equipment, carpeting)
Companion animals (feeding, exercising)
Housekeeping requirements (cleaning, laundry)
Proper medication routines (dosage, timing)
Establising emergency plans (what to do,
who to call)
Physical exercise (walking, stretching)
Social needs (visiting relatives, attending
religious services)
Miscellaneous activities (groceries, hair care)

In addition, your input helps us to assign a caregiver
who possesses the proper medical knowledge and a
compatible personality.

Allegiance's RN assessors will then combine
their extensive medical knowledge and
field experience with your own input,
to develop a program that provides the
proper blend of services - neither more, nor less -
that your loved one requires.

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